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Pond & Waterfall Construction
Overview of Pond Components
How to Build a Water Garden
Disappearing Fountains and Waterfalls
Selecting a Filter
Selecting a Pump
Tub and Container Gardens
Plumbing Glossary
Pipe Size Guidelines
Stone on the Pond Bottom?
Friction Loss Chart

Calculate Pump Operating Cost
Calculate Pond Liner Size
Calculate Pond Volume
Calculate Surface Area
Conversion Tables

Algae Control
Algae Control Methods
The Facts About UV Lights
Troubleshooting UV Issues

Aquatic Plants
Aquatic Plant Care
Choosing Aquatic Plants
Pots & Soil for Aquatic Plants
Plants for Shady Ponds

Goldfish & Koi
Introduction to Goldfish & Koi
Care & Feeding of Pond Fish
Causes of Fish Stress
Fish Disease & Treatment
Quarantine New Fish
Pond Fish Predators
Introducing New Goldfish & Koi to a Pond
Tips for Winter Care of Koi & Goldfish

General Pond Care
Prepping Your Pond for Emergencies
How Much Evaporation is Normal?
Pond Aeration Basics
Eight Steps for Springing Your Pond to Life
Large Pond & Lake Maintenance Introduction
Water Quality in Water Gardens
Seasonal Pond Care
Finding a Pond Leak
Pond Netting
Pond Sludge
Troubleshooting Pump Problems
Why is My Pond Foamy?

Other Items of Interest

Photos of Ponds Sent to Us Before Social Media Changed the Way People Shared Photos
Mosquito Control