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AR-002 Universal Accent Rock

AR-002 Universal Accent Rock

Our Price: $89.00

Product Code: ASU010


Universal Rocks artificial rocks are individually hand-made and colored making each item unique.

Measurement: Length 21" x Width 14" x Height 8"
Approx. Weight: 4 lbs.
Made of: polyurethane and polyurea
Made by: Universal Rocks LLC
Manufacturer Model Number: AR-002

Is this artificial stone hollow?
Yes. The "stone" can be used to cover objects around your pond or landscape.

How long do Universal Rocks last?
Originally tested by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Universal Rocks tested very positively under normal weather conditions. Universal Rocks will react to the weather the same as natural rock and color may vary.

How do Universal Rocks compare with real rock?
Universal Rocks are lightweight, easy to move, durable and environmentally friendly. Real rocks are heavy and often inaccessible, with heavy machinery required to transport them. This limits where you can position them. Real rock can often crack over time due to contact with water. Real rock is becoming harder to get as you are no longer allowed to remove it from the bush. Prices are comparable when transport and machinery costs are considered.

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